General Profile

The Study Program Outside the Main Campus (PSDKU) is the implementation of higher education activities by universities outside the Main Campus. The legal basis for implementing PSDKU is the Regulation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 1 of 2017 concerning Opening, Changes and Closing of Study Programs Outside the Main Campus of Higher Education, previously known as Study Programs Outside the Domicile (PDD).


In order to improve the quality of West Java human resources, especially the Gross Higher Enrollment Rate (APK-PT), the West Java Provincial Government is committed to increasing the APK-PT through the development of PSDKU with some of the best national state universities in West Java, one of which is the Bogor Agricultural Institute. (IPB).

The location of the Bogor Agricultural University PSDKU is in Sukabumi City and has been going on since 2016 with a focus on agricultural expertise, including animal husbandry, fisheries, and Agricultural Socio-Economic.


  1. Increasing the Gross Higher Education Enrollment Rate (APK-PT).
  2. Equitable distribution and capacity building of human resources, science and technology in West Java.

Study Program​

  1. Communication
  2. Ecotourism
  3. Seed Industry Technology
  4. Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture
  5. Agribusiness Management

Address & Contact

BOGOR CAMPUS – Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor City, West Java 16128

SUKABUMI CAMPUS – Jl. Sarasa No. 45, Babakan, Cibeureum District, Sukabumi City, West Java 43142