Why This Program is Important to Take?

This training can provide knowledge and insight regarding how to make pastries, how to use the right technique for making cookies and through this training participants can practice at home independently.

What Will be Taught Through This Program?​

This program learns practical theoretical concepts from the basics of making pastries which include the definition of pastries, ingredients and tools used in making pastries, techniques for making pastries based on their grouping, calculation of nutritional content and simple cost analysis.

What are The Targeted Competencies in This Program and The Urgency of These Competencies?​

Participants can understand the theoretical and practical concepts of the basics of making pastries and their nutritional content. The basic competence of this training is to develop yourself, train the entrepreneurial spirit.

Who Can Join This Program?​

This training can be attended by all participants who have an interest and talent in making simple pastries with a minimum education background of high school.

Teaching Method

Hybrid (webinar and self-paced learning), the teaching methods used are lectures, direct discussions/consultation, video playback, e-book materials, assignments to participants.

What Types of Work are Relevant to This Program?​

This training is suitable for those of you who want to become a cake maker.


KBJI 2014 kode 7512.04

About The Facilitator​

Ani Nuraeni (principal lecturer) was born in Bogor on November 22, 1979. Started working as a Lecturer at the Vocational School of IPB, Study Program of Food Service and Nutrition Industry Management since 2005 until now. Teaches processing courses (Culinary Vegetable Food, Culinary Animal Food, Dish Decoration, Indonesian Food Service, Patisserie Basics, Food Service Management and Food Creation and Diet. Currently joining the Indonesian Chef Association DPC Bogor Raya as a member. Has competence in food sector as evidenced by a certificate issued by BNSP.

Annisa Rizkiriani was born in Bogor on August 13, 1988. She has worked for 10 years at the Vocational School of IPB since 2010 until now. The courses taught include Basics of Nutrition Science, Basics of Patisserie, Special Group Nutrition, Dietetics, Catering and Dietetics, Enteral Formulas and Special Formulas and Food Production Management. Apart from teaching, he is also a resource person related to B2SA consumption patterns and also as an assessor for the Occupational Competence of the Head of the Kitchen. Currently, he is also a member of PERGIZI PANGAN West Java. The works that have been made include the International Journal of Hypertension among Adolescents in Jakarta Indonesia and the Baby Meal Planner android application.

Address & Contact

BOGOR CAMPUS – Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor City, West Java 16128

SUKABUMI CAMPUS – Jl. Sarasa No. 45, Babakan, Cibeureum District, Sukabumi City, West Java 43142