Purpose Of SDGs

SDGs Purpose

No Poverty

Considering that poverty is still a problem in many countries in the world, the “elimination of poverty and hunger” in 2030 will become the “backbone” of the goals of the sustainable development agenda. Poverty which is the main goal of the MDGs is again the main goal in the SDGs. Apart from the fact that poverty and hunger are still global problems, making the elimination of poverty the main goal is directed at ensuring the sustainability of the MDGs achievements.

The problem of poverty is placed in a multidimensional framework, namely looking at poverty from various dimensions and looking at the causes of poverty from various sides.

In the Outcome Document Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the goal of ending poverty is the “main” goal of the 17 goals agreed on in the SDGs. The first goal of the 17 SDGs is “End poverty in all its forms everywhere”. The main goal must be the theme of development, the main and sustainable agenda that underlies various other development goals such as infrastructure, tourism, food and energy and others.

In the 2005-2025 RPJPN, the problem of poverty is seen in a multidimensional framework, therefore poverty is not only related to the size of income, but because it involves several things, including:

Vulnerability and vulnerability of people or communities to be poor
Regarding the existence/absence of the fulfillment of the basic rights of citizens and the presence/absence of differences in the treatment of a person or group of people in living a life with dignity.


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